4545_92150637963_502362963_1823559_8249814_n Dylan Avery is a 28 year old guy from Upstate New York.  Born in Leesburg, Virginia, he sp ... You know what? Forget this third person nonsense. I was born in Leesburg, Virginia and spent the first few years of my life in Silver Spring, Maryland and the Greater Washington DC area.  My mother landed a job opportunity in Upstate New York, and we relocated to Franklin, where I stayed until third grade.  Mom was working at a Nursery (flowers, not babies) in Oneonta and decided to move in order to eliminate the half hour commute every morning and night. I settled at Greater Plains Elementary, went on to Oneonta Middle and High School and graduated.  I'd taken two and a half years of Visual Arts classes at an extracurricular program on the outskirts of town, and I was eager to apply to Purchase College outside NYC for their highly selective film program. I was denied.  Determined, I stuck to my guns and kept studying film on my own while preparing to re-apply the following year. I was denied again. Screw it, I thought.  I'm going to make movies, with or without a college degree. I participated in the first run of Project Greenlight. At the age of 18, I started writing a feature film script that would slowly morph and evolve into the documentary Loose Change, an internet-based series of movies that was referred to by Vanity Fair as "the first Internet blockbuster" I'm happy that the film made an impact, reached so many people and continues to do so. I'm eternally grateful for the many wonderful people that the movie brought into my life. However, I am not content with spending the rest of my life being referred to as a "conspiracy theorist" for making a film that dared to ask uncomfortable questions during an era where to speak out was to be silenced immediately. There are a lot of people on the Internet that claim to know me, yet they've never actually met me and have no intention of doing so.  Ask the people who are actually in my life, and you'll hear a much different story than the thousands of Youtube videos and websites that say otherwise. My goal is, and always was, directing feature films.  Nothing more, nothing less.  It's the one thing that keeps me going, and it's how I express myself in this crazy, mixed up world. I'm currently living in Southern California with my faithful pitbull Gordo, and I have numerous projects in various stages of development. Stanley Kubrick isn't Clockwork Orange.  David Fincher isn't Fight Club.  And I'm not Loose Change. I am Dylan Avery.

Los Angeles, CA March, 2012