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I visited my good friend Michael Parker to discuss the 10th birthday of Loose Change and drop some juicy tidbits on Black and Blue.  Clic da pic. 11149423_10152775173653085_7990787367683029513_n And if you watch it and wonder whether or not I wound up visiting Cheryl, here you go.


  1. Steve Miller
    May 27, 2015

    Please call me to discuss evidence being overlooked. Media propaganda has sucked all Americans into a glaring trance of hypocrisy. There a thousands of examples not including 9/11. If we create a super provocative expose that will stimulate a defiant, arrogant reaction we can suck the entire country into the basic facts you have ignored.

    Give me a chance to prove my point by filming a discussion to accuse every American who is covering up the colossal 9/11 Bush conspiracy. We can survey random people in the street to expose them being traitors. I have evidence you have overlooked. I also have a Federal case that incriminates the entire 2nd Circuit Docket: 13-2518 & Civil Action #
    ) 3:12-CV-01095-JCH

  2. Steve Miller
    May 27, 2015

    Black people are afraid to fight the white masters. Every time I try to suggest a different strategy to black leaders they tell me they don’t need a white person to explain anything to them. Having riots that destroy black homes, black jobs, and black businesses compounds the injustice.

    Only deranged white people who are entertained by brilliant, hard working black celebrities could want white cops allowed to murder innocent black people. The black leaders are all sucked into the media racist reports. Instead black leaders should focus on irrational racist behavior. Dealing with crazy, irrational, deranged people can never win by overlooking racist psychosis.

    Blacks refuse to identify the racist, hypocrite behavior as a mental defect. When I explain this to NAACP officials they always react in their peculiar way.

  3. Saul Timba
    Jun 4, 2015

    I would like to reach you for a possible interview, over the phone or on skype. I represent a variety of organizations in San Diego CA including the Roots Factory and Radio Pulso del Barrio, all community based grass roots movements. Please, send me an email and maybe we can at least chat. Thanks!

  4. George
    Feb 16, 2016

    History Channel made you guys look like the fools you are. Conspiracy theories are good for trying to make a quick buck though, because there are so many suckers out there….

    • dylanavery
      Mar 28, 2016

      If it was about making money, why did we put the film on the Internet for free?

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