The Secret

Ladies and gents, A Field Full of Secrets has been unleashed on the public.  It's available through limited VOD platforms for now, a Netflix release is a few months down the road, according to Gravitas. Reviews are still in the works, but here's a relatively positive one.

Better Late Than Never

Hello there, my precious little website.  I'm sorry I've neglected you. Here, have the trailer for Black and Blue in case you didn't catch it on the social networks. Shit, I didn't even Tweet about this.  I need a secretary or something. On another note, a documentary I've spent the past two years editing has been sold to a distributor and is targeted for a December release on digital platforms.  I'll be sure to let you know where to check out A Field Full of Secrets when it's available. P.S. I've mostly avoided the comments on this site because I don't like intentionally ruining my day, but a bunch of important messages have slipped through the cracks so I might re-instate the contact form that I had on the site originally.

Do It Live

In the midst of a cross country trip to shoot material for Black and Blue, my friend and fellow troublemaker Abby Martin invited me onto her show Breaking the Set to discuss the project. I haven't done live television since 2006, so needless to say I was a little nervous and/or rusty.  There's a reason I stay behind the camera. The film is going very well, much better than I ever could have anticipated. And to think, 6 years ago Abby and I were destroying TVs in her garage with a sledgehammer.

Fresh Off the Press

I met up with Michael Spies of Vocativ while I was in New York City last week.

We talked about my new film, Black and Blue, along with the inevitable Loose Change and my thoughts on Michael Ruppert.

Mike is the first reporter to interview my family and friends, which was a pleasant change of pace. Unfortunately, my friends didn't make the cut, but that's editorial requirements for you. First time I've ever been referred to as a gentle Buddha, that's for sure.

Coming Soon

Alrighty, peeps.  New music video for The Brownies that I know most of you won't care about. There's three more on the horizon.

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Those videos helped me shoot the first batch of interviews for my new film, which I'll be discussing on Tuesday the 15th, along with a guest, on the Phil and Bill show.

Oh Hai, Internet!

Sorry, I've been reading The Disaster Artist. Great book. I've also been very busy.  Korey and I drove across the country together, and he's now living down in Long Beach with my lady and I.  Life's pretty sweet. I'm working on something big, and there should be some sort of official announcement in the near future.

Feliz Navidad

Hey there, hi there, hello there.  It's the Holidays, which means we're all being as fat and lazy as possible until January 2nd. Well, at least that's my excuse. 2014 is going to be an interesting one.  As always, I'm never sure which things will pan out and which ones won't, but that's life. On the side I reunited with the one and only Matt Kurz, with whom I shot my first music video, and helped him make a demo reel for his amazing talent. WordPress isn't liking the embed code for this video, so hey, here's a direct link if you can be bothered to click it.  But it is the holidays, so maybe watch in 2014 when you're feeling more motivated. Catch you all on the other side.