Ten Years Later

Happy 2015, everyone.  Sorry for the delay, it's been a hectic transition. First and foremost, I cut together this five minute piece of Black and Blue material focusing on one particular character and his travels. 2014 was a very interesting year, personally and professionally, and this is sure to be another big one. I managed to get my hands on some old pictures that I wasn't sure I'd see again.  Here's the night in April 2002 that James Gandolfini told me to go out and change the world. DYLAN AND JAMES On that note, 2015 will be the anniversary of Loose Change 1 & 2.  Expect some stuff at a revamped official site and Facebook (which is seeing a crazy amount of traffic lately)


  1. astute follower
    Jan 27, 2015

    Damn. I’m slipping as one of your astute followers. Nevertheless, it’s great to see new updates! I’m looking forward to 2015 and what you have in store for us. Keep changing the world, Dylan. It’s what you do best!

  2. Michael Santosusso
    Feb 10, 2015

    I always wondered if you were a bold face liar, or a just a moron.

    • dylanavery
      Feb 22, 2015

      I hope you finally found some closure and can now move on with your life.

  3. Dave Phelps
    Mar 3, 2015

    attached link is about your new topic – militarization of US police forces


    Have you ever collaborated with other 911 investigators about bringing the past 14 years into focus in a single, all encompassing video OR would you consider it?

  4. Michael
    Jul 11, 2015

    Hi, Hope you are doing good. I just watched you in 9/11:Science and Conspiracy and not sure if anyone had noticed at 44:38 in the movie is showing a clip from tower with melting debris falling from building…to the right on that scene i saw flashes going down floor by floor, what was that?

    Thank you.

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