No joke title here, just an announcement that my film about injustice and police brutality is now available exclusively on Amazon in the US and UK.  There will be a wider digital and physical release down the road.  Here’s what I wrote today on Facebook:

Press starts this week for Black and Blue. The production was exhausting to say the least. I started filming when police brutality was not the talking point that it is today, and I found myself soon overwhelmed by the events of Ferguson and others announcing their own films about the subject. My initial vision for the film was forced to morph and change with the times, and as those other films went on to big fests like Sundance, I was still shooting and editing. If you have watched the film, I really appreciate it, and the positive reviews are very nice to hear. The distributor tried really hard for a limited theatrical but nobody bit, so I hope that its digital and eventual physical release manages to get out there and be seen. This film was hard on me for sure, but that’s nothing compared to what the people in the film have to deal with on a daily basis, for the rest of their lives.

If you watch the film, I hope it moves you in some way.  I’ve gotten some great reviews so far which is nice to hear after a long three years of production.  Links are below.

Black and Blue on Amazon US

Black and Blue on Amazon UK