First and foremost, there’s a brand spanking new Almighty Terribles video.

It’s a weird, trippy little thing, but it was fun to put together.

Second, it turns out that Choices, the short film I shot and edited earlier this year, has been accepted into the LA Femme Film Festival.

With that being said, time is a funny thing.  A decade ago, I was sitting in my apartment writing the first draft of Loose Change.  The feature film still seemed realistic.  Our friend Jesse had a Canon GL2 that he was willing to let us use.  I had friends that were willing to act in it. With a dangerously imminent war on the horizon, there was still time to change the world.

That’s all it ever was.  Trying to change the world, trying to make a difference, trying to avoid a massive pitfall that our country would still be crawling out of ten years later.  We were crazy enough to want to change things and stupid enough to think we actually could.

Call it youthful idealism.  Call it a massive underestimate of the powers that be.  Call it whatever you want.  We were young, we were foolish, and we thought that maybe, just maybe, we could make a difference if we kept pushing.

Here I sit in 2012, working on a script, and I’m still not sure how I feel about everything that’s transpired.

Would I have done things differently?  Would I take things back?  Would I close my laptop, delete everything, and start working on something completely different?

Perhaps.  Perhaps not.

In between 2002 and 2005, as Loose Change evolved into a documentary, I started writing another feature film called Behold.

Maybe I should have dropped everything and focused all my energy into that one.  Maybe I would have all the things I dream of today.  Maybe I would be worse off than I am now.  That’s the caveat of time.  You just never know.

There is one thing I know for sure.  With Loose Change, I wanted to change the world.

With Behold, there’s only one thing I want to change: Myself.

For everyone that lost their lives on September 11th and everyone that’s died as a result, I can only hope that you have found peace, and that some day justice will truly be served.