It’s that time of year again.  After existing on various channels throughout the years in various qualities and versions, we have now uploaded Loose Change 2nd Edition in full HD on Youtube on the official channel.  I’m excited to see the film properly preserved, and thanks to Youtube’s easy closed-captioning system we should be able to provide translations for every country, just like the old days.  

With that being said, Black and Blue will be premiering at the Catalina Film Festival!  That news has been in the sidebar for a bit but I felt it deserved its own post along with a general update.  This is very exciting, my first major festival debut.

Since everyone’s getting back from Burning Man, and I realize my short was not on the website, here’s my video from 2013.  Truly an unforgettable experience and I’m glad my 28-135 lens died halfway through the burn because the sight of embers soaring above my head is permanently seared into my memory.