The team for The Professional: A Stevie Blatz Story is in town! We had our first screening on Friday and we have our second on Thursday.

In the meantime some great reviews have come in with more on the way.

The Professional is an apt title for a film about someone going through the realest hustle, of owning one’s own business and trying to keep a life together around it.” –Slug Magazine

“In 75 minutes, director Daniel La Barbera gives us a fascinating profile complete with interviews of family members, friends, and employees.  La Barbera brings an even-handed approach in The Professional: A Stevie Blatz Story that comes off as being truly fair to its subject.” –Solzy At The Movies

“Is Stevie a huckster, a hustler, a lunatic, or delusional? Quite possibly all of that and more. But he’s also inspiring. Whatever there is to say about him, you can never say Stevie Blatz didn’t shoot his shot.” –The Last Thing I See

Stay tuned!